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Laser Cut Labels and Plastics to a very Fine Tolerance

Laser cutting has been used in the production of Labels, Signs and Graphic Overlays since approximately 2000. Customark has always been at the forefront of this technology and we can quite confidently say, no one does this better. We currently maintain four high tolerance cutting machines, two of which use the latest CCD camera alignment technology in conjunction with icut software. This software offers the ability to cut to very fine tolerances and maintain a previously unachievable print to cut consistency in your labels.

Laser cutting is used to support our Customers in industries such as Electronics, White Goods, Medical, Security, Marine and Point of Sale offering a highly adaptable and flexible cutting process. Applications are as follows : -

- Decorative Panels
- Signs
- Traffolyte Labels
- Laser Cut Labels
- Laser Etched Components
- Membrane Keypad Production
- Gaskets and Insulators
- Labels, Nameplates and Decals
- Display Lenses
- Laser Cut Plastics

Material selection is very important as some compounds can give off very harmful and noxious fumes if used inappropriately. For example, the fumes given off by laser cutting PVC contains hydrochloric acid. The following materials are commonly associated with laser cutting.

Pmma, named after its common trade name, Acrylic or Perspex. This material cuts exceptionally well and is the primary choice for laser cut decorative panels and labels.

PET. Polyester, a very common substrate used in the production of Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads. Our Customers really benefit from our ability to produce from straight forward to very fine and intricate cut shapes without the need for costly tooling.

Polypropylene, This cuts very easily but does have a side effect of melting very quickly which can affect the tolerancing. This can easily be offset by designing in label growth to counteract the shrinkage from the focal point of the laser. The by product of cutting PP is H2O or water.

Polycarbonate, Thin film PC, thinner than 0.5mm is generally fine. Polycarbonate does not really like being laser cut and tends to give of a burnt aroma and can char on the edges. The cut tolerance is very good.

Traffolyte, now called Laser Laminate. This is available in a wide range of thicknesses and colour combinations to suit just about all applications. Cut using a combination of laser cutting and laser etching which is controlled by our design software and icut interface systems.

Adhesives, Generally most adhesives are fine for laser cutting and our lasers are very busy producing labels and adhesive gaskets for applications such as Display Lenses and Graphic Overlays.

Benefits of Laser Cut Labels / Plastics Production : -

- Permanent Marking
- Highly Flexible and Adaptable Cut Profile
- Eliminating Tooling Cost
- Fast Prototyping
- Flame Polished Edge
- Cuts a wide variety of materials

Why not contact us today to discuss how we can help with producing your laser cut labels.

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