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Gaskets and insulators are used in a wide variety of applications both electrical and mechanical.  We can offer a wide range of materials that meet specific flame retardant and UL specifications. We can also use specific adhesive materials to ensure that the mating surfaces are matched according to our Customers requirements.

We have over 45 year's experience in the manufacturing of custom gasket and insulators with full support and direct supply from Companies such as 3M. We have a huge range of materials available from solid Polyesters and Polycarbonates to EPDM and Silicon rubber. We can cut gaskets and insulators using Laser, Platen (Diecut), or digital knife. The most cost effective being selected to give our Customers the most competitive quote.

Our reputation for excellence and certification to ISO9001 means we constantly improve our effective designing, engineering and manufacturing solutions to meet the most demanding applications. We aim to be competitive on pricing, on-time delivery and with exceptional customer service.

Electrical Insulators 

Electrical insulators are design to restrict the flow of electrical current to prevent other electrical conductors or people to come onto contact or affect the normal electrical flow of the component. We manufacture from RoHS compliant materials. Resistance to a wide range of chemicals along with low moisture absorption makes the application of these products ideal for printed circuits. We have a good deal of experience with in high temperature application with the use of Polyamide or Kapton materials. We can advise or work directly from your technical brief / drawing in order to provide the most accurate product within tolerance. This ensures that your electrical insulator will meet and exceed your expectations.

We manufacture insulators, adhesive custom gaskets, seals, washers, all custom designed intricate shapes. Our materials are available in a broad range of thicknesses, hardness, densities and colours. All insulating materials are available with or without adhesive backing.

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